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Eeyore is just one of those characters that you wanna scoop up and hug forever.

One awesome thing about Eeyore is that even though he is basically clinically depressed, he still gets invited to participate in adventures and shenanigans with all of his friends. And they never expect him to pretend to feel happy, they just love him anyway, and they never leave him behind or ask him to change.

Another awesome fact about Eeyore: he is voiced by Optimus Prime.

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If this isn’t the most magically sexual painting ever



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tragically beautiful

best way to get the formuoli

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remember when u were 9 and u were carrying ur little razor scooter and it would hit ur achilles and it felt like the earth was collapsing

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Has anybody ever actually gotten salmonella from eating raw cookie dough or are people just trying to stop me from living my life

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1. Make sure you own a nice bed.

2. Sleep in it frequently.

3. Remember how nice it feels to flip over your pillow to the cooler side.

4. Check your pulse and hum along to the rhythm because it is music.

5. Write clear and make a lot of spelling errors. Get the poison out and don’t worry about it being neat.

6. If you can, do not shut people out. You will have good days and they should see them.

7. If you feel overwhelmed, go outside and scream. Find a nice empty park in the middle of the night and scream as loud as you can until your throat is bleeding. The world wants to hear you.

8. Let yourself fall in love. Believe it or not, there are people out there who want your blacks and blues.

9. Keep waking up.

10. Keep waking up.

11. Keep waking up. Maybe with someone next to you.

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i wonder whose arms i would run and fall into, if i was drunk in a room with every person i have ever loved.

I can’t stop thinking about this post.

That’s who you really love

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